Subject Overview

Religious Education

The Religious Education Curriculum, although intentionally educational, does aim to help students to develop a relationship with God and to witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ by the way they live. The programme also aims to teach material that is theologically sound.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences learning area is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens. 

Incorporates Social Studies at Years 9 and 10, Business Studies, Geography and History at NCEA 


Art is taught at all levels from years 7-13 and includes working with a variety of materials and styles. 

Music is taught to  all students from years 7-10 and is optional from years 11-13. Learning to play instruments, reading music and composing are all activities undertaken.

Drama is an taught to all in  Years 7-10 and is then offered for NCEA from Year 11 onwards.


Mathematics is a compulsory core subject in Year 9 and 10 and follows the National Curriculum.

At NCEA level, the subject specialises in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Calculus, Practical Mathematics


Science is taught to all students in years 9-11 as a single subject. 

In years 12 & 13 the students may diversify into the component parts of Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Within the Technology Department lie the subjects of Hard Materials Technology, Soft Materials Technology, Food Technology, Design and Visual Communication and Digital Technologies. All subjects are taught to students from years 7-10 and are offered as options from years 11-13

Physical Education

Physical Education is compulsory in years 7-10 but becomes an option for NCEA, splitting into Physical Education and Sports Studies.

Health Education

Health Education is compulsory in years 7-10 but is optional at NCEA.

Pathways/Star and Gateway

These courses allow students to gain credits that can be used towards the NCEA. In some cases students can gain National Certificates and / or Vocational Pathways Certificates on top of their NCEA results.


English is a compulsory core subject between Years 9-11 and is then optional between Years 12 & 13


Languages at Chanel include optional languages of Te Reo Maori and others via VC if available.