Student Timetable

Our Timetable Structure

Each day in our school timetable starts at 8:50am with a check and connect Atawhai session, before students begin their first class at 9:00am. Students participate in five periods which are 60 minutes long with school finishing at 3:00pm.

Some other key features of our timetable includes:

  • Year 7, 8 & 9 students have Ropu classes which are core classes for Math, English and Social Studies. 
  • Period 4 on Tuesday & Thursday are half Atawhai time and half Assemblies/House Meetings.
  • Period 5 on Wednesday is our Ako Kotahi Service Period.
  • Period 5 on Friday is our Taha Tinana Wellbeing Period.
  • Period 4 on Monday is our Senior’s Haoura Life Skills Period.
You can find your child’s exact timetable via our Student Portal.

Example Student Timetable