Religious Education

The Religious Education Curriculum provides the Catholic Schools of Aotearoa New Zealand, with a systematic approach to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Religious Education Curriculum, although intentionally educational, does aim to help students to develop a relationship with God and to witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ by the way they live. The programme also aims to teach material that is theologically sound.

Understanding Faith, taught in Year 9-13 and Faith Alive, taught in Year Seven and Eight, are the Religious Education programmes outlined by the New Zealand’s Bishops conference.

Support for students in Year 9-13 can be found at Faith Central, and for our Year Seven and Eight students can be found at Faith Alive,

School Liturgy

Prayer is an important part of our school community, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday students and staff gather to begin the day in prayer.  Each Friday students join together with members of the Wairarapa Catholic Community for Mass in our school Chapel and each term we come together for a whole school Mass.


Each year our students participate in year level retreats to support and grow our students’ faith.  Our school retreats are designed to build from year to year focusing on the key points of Christ’ life.  At Year 12 and 13 these retreats are held overnight at the Magnificat Community in Featherston.  We are blessed to be supported in our retreats by the Community of St John based in Christchurch.