Sports Practices

Learning, practicing and mastering the basic skills of sport is one of the foundations of sports performance and fitness training. If your child is playing in a team for Chanel College it is highly likely they will have a minimum of 1 practice per week. Most practices are held after school in the gym, turf or field, sometimes they may occur in the student’s lunch hour. Times are determined by the coach or manager and their availability. Once your child has signed up to a team the practice times will be announced shortly thereafter by the Sports Coordinator and posted on the sports noticeboard

It is very important all students are available for all their practices. This shows commitment to the team and contributes greatly to its overall performance. Not showing up to practices can result in less game time on the day. It is expected that if a student cannot make a practice time, they contact their coach directly and not pass messages through team members.

Any questions regarding sports practices can be forwarded to our sports coordinator Jake Scott-Long