Parent Teacher Conferences

Three-way conferencing enables us to report to and share information with you about your child’s progress at school.  Students are encouraged to be actively involved in this learning and reporting process.  The conferencing takes the form of a conversation between the student, the parents and the teacher.  This approach is designed to be positive, constructive and inclusive of the learner. 

This year our Parent-Student-Teacher conferences will be on:

Term 1: Tuesday, 16 March. 3.30 pm- 7.00 pm (for all students)

Term 2: Tuesday, 22 June. 3:30 pm-7:00 pm (for all students)

Term 3: Tuesday, 21 September.  3:30 pm-7:00 pm  (for all students)

Note:  In Term 4: A written report will be sent to all parent/guardian(s)

You can book an interview through our online booking system (see link below). The school will provide you with the login details near the time the interviews are to take place.