Rules and Regulations


Students are under the authority of the School while:

  • present at School during an official school day
  • representing the School at any time whether it be in sport, spiritual or cultural pursuits, or any other activity
  • attending any School related event, social function, or activity identifiable as a student of Chanel College
  • on a School trip whether or not a parent or guardian is also present
  • on the way to and from School
  • at any time they are wearing School uniform

Fundamental Rules General Conduct and Commitment

  • Students are expected to display a high standard of behaviour, courtesy and manners
  • Loud or offensive behaviour is not permitted
  • Students are expected to display respect towards all staff and toward each other at all times

Behaviour in Class

  • Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner at all times

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

No student shall consume, sell, purchase, supply, have in their possession or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, (or look like tobacco products such as, but not unlimited to, e-cigarettes), illegal drugs, synthetic drugs, R18 legal drugs or party pills, whether or not lawful under the law of New Zealand, while on the School’s property or under the authority of the School.

No student is permitted to have in their possession any drug or alcohol paraphernalia while under the authority of the School.  No Vaping at school or on school excursions is permitted.  Parent/Guardian(s) are required to contact the school office immediately, to advise us if they have given their child Panadol or paracetamol to take while at school or if on a school excursion.

Theft, Bullying and Assault

  • No student shall steal
  • No student shall bully, assault, fight with or intimidate another student or staff member
  • No bullying of any description is allowed (including online/social media
  • No student shall be in possession of, or use knives/other weapons


Repeated truancy and continual disobedience or deliberate non-adherence to School Rules will not be tolerated and will be treated seriously by the School’s Leadership Team.


The School uniform should be clean, tidy and in good repair and be worn correctly at all times.  Socks must be pulled up and shoes or sandals must be kept clean.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times unless there is a special need.

Tee-shirts, skivvies or singlets are not to be worn if they show above the shirt front or can be seen.

School Caps and hats are available for sale from the school office or from NZ Uniforms, 3 Albert Street, Masterton.  The only caps or worn at school or on school outings will be the official school cap/hat. 

The Physical Education Uniform consists of the Chanel navy blue sport shirt, Chanel navy blue sport shorts, white Chanel College ankle socks (available from the school office) and sports sneakers. Combinations of sports and school uniform, or any other clothing, is not permitted.

NOTE:  The School blue dress will be phased out by 2022

Phones & Headphones

NO phones, headphones or boom boxes are permitted to be used at anytime during the school day.  We have a rule that phones should be “invisible” meaning, we do not want to see students with their phones.  However, please not that urgent phone calls can be made or received during morning tea and lunch breaks, and only when standing outside the Principal’s, Deputy Principal’s or Assistant Principal’s office.  We would prefer parent/guardian(s) come in to speak to their child if the matter is urgent and not phone or text.

Phones and/or headphones will be confiscated from students until the end of the school day, if used without permission.  Confiscation could be longer if a student refuses to handover their phone/headphones/boom box when asked.  If a confiscation occurs more than once, parents/caregivers will be contacted.

Note:  Students are not permitted to use their phones to record staff or other students, without their permission.  They are also not permitted to use their phones to bully, degrade, or disrespect anyone.  Any student who does so, will be in breach our school rules.  Breaches will be referred to the Principal and could be escalated to the Board of Trustees Discipline Committee.

Earrings and Jewellery

  • Only two small silver or gold studs, sleepers or crucifixes may be worn.  NO BLING
  • Crucifixes and Taonga may be worn, but only if approved by the Principal


  • Students are required to be well groomed at all times
  • Hair must be of natural colour
  • Extreme colours and styles such as shaved patterns, dreadlocks and mohawks are not permitted
  • Hair for both the girls and boys must be neat, clean, brushed and combed and in an appropriate and sensible style; and must be off the face
  • Hair of shoulder-length or longer must be all neatly tied back (with clips if required)
  • Male senior students (Year 11-13) must be clean shaven.  Beards, moustaches and long side burns are not permitted.  We will look at a case by case situation, if we feel younger students have too much facial hair.
  • Visible make up and nail polish are not permitted
  • Visible tattooing is not permitted.  If students have a tattoo, they will be required to have it covered at all times.

Vandalism and damage to school property

  • Any damage to school property will be charged to the student(s) concerned
  • All damage needs to be reported by the student responsible for the damage, to the School Office immediately


Subject in all respects to the approval of the Principal, the Senior Leadership Team may at any time and from time to time make such regulations that are not inconsistent with these rules for the day to day operation and administration and management of Chanel College and the control and conduct of the students enrolled therein.  Such regulations, once promulgated and published, shall have full force and effect as if they were part of the Rules and shall be observed by all students at all times.

Note:  Parents/caregivers and students are to keep track of any amendments and updates, as communicated through e-mails and Newsletters.