Resorative Practice

The aim of Restorative Practice at Chanel College is to strengthen relationships and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm as a way of building community and responding to God’s call.

Restorative Practice is a relational approach to school life grounded in beliefs about equality, dignity, mana and the potential of all people. (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning – RP, New Zealand Ministry of Education, 2014).  The principles of Restorative Practice work along with the Catholic values of dignity of the person, forgiveness, justice and restoration of the community.  This approach fits well with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Chanel College’s pastoral team works along with students and staff alike building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships across the school community and offers school staff best-practice tools and techniques to restore relationships when things go wrong. By building and maintaining positive, respectful relationships within a school, staff to staff, staff to student and student to student, issues are more easily managed.