Chanel College PTFA

Chanel College Parents, Teachers and Friends


We need you to keep making good things happen

 Good things happen in life when we surround ourselves with positive people who have a vision of how things can be and work together to make it happen. Becoming a member of the Chanel College PTFA Committee and/or supporting the Chanel PTFA offers you the opportunity to make a real contribution to the improvement of Chanel College facilities and the environment for the benefit of the students and the Chanel community. For example, the Chanel College van which has multiple uses was provided by successful PTFA fundraising.

What we want to achieve in 2021
  • Organise a series of successful fundraising events.We want to raise the remainder of the money needed so the Chanel Fitness Centre for students of all ages can be installed. As a result of student, staff and parent support we have already raised over $20,000 towards our target.
  • We want to fundraise for a new carpet for the wharenui to complete the repainting and renovations we financed in 2018.  The upkeep of the wharenui is our privilege and responsibility. No Government money is allowed to be used  for these purposes.
  • Working bees. The whole college was repainted in 2020. In 2021 we want to redesign the Monsignor Moore Chapel gardens.
  • To continue second hand uniform sales in December and during the year.


How to contact us
  •         Chairperson:                       Kim Siemonek ( or


  •         Deputy Chairperson:         Mr John Hardie
  •         Secretary                            Dr Claire Hills ( )
  •         Treasurer                            Mr Stephen Siemonek ( )
  •         Staff representative          Principal, Debi Marshall-Lobb,
  •         Support Committee:         Lisa Croucher, Maree Murray, Maria Hook
How you can help us
  •         Join the PTFA Committee which makes things happen
  •         Support our fundraising activities, for example:
  •        Offer a koha
  •        The PTFA Easter raffle in March, offer to sell tickets
  •        Delicious Doughboys Pies in May and October, join the organising sub-committee
  •        School Uniform Sales December and throughout the year, contact Kim Siemonek