This is a special invite to Chanel College Alumni to build new relationships and strengthen old ones.  We’re giving back to the next generation of alumni. Join in on the fun. You’re always welcome home.

How can I give back?

It is with gratitude and generosity that many St Bride’s, St Joseph and Chanel Alumni are giving back. Explore the ways you can pay it forward, whether it’s a monetary donation on behalf of your Class or volunteering your time and knowledge to mentor fellow alumni. MAKE A GIFT TO THE CHANEL COLLEGE EDUCATION FOUNDATION

  • Mentoring and Networking
  • Mentor alumni, advertise a job vacancy or attend Chanel School events and more.
  • Reunion Volunteering and Giving: Volunteer for a Reunion committee to plan a memorable Alumni event for your classmates. You can also help Chanel College by donating any amount, big or small, to your Reunion Class gift. Money raised from Class gifts will support student financial aid and more.
  • Volunteerism and Leadership: Giving back takes many forms. Simply volunteering for an alumni shift at a PTFA event or the Chanel College Matariki event is helpful and needed. Or challenge yourself with a leadership position in helping Dr Claire Hills write Alumni profiles and other Alumni administration tasks (she would dearly love your assistance).  You can make a difference by supporting Chanel College.


The Chanel College Education Foundation

The establishment of the Chanel College Education Foundation was promoted by St Joseph’s College Old Boys 50th Reunion Committee and approved at a meeting of those who attended the 1995 St Joseph’s/Chanel College Reunion.

The Chanel College Education Foundation is a charitable trust which operates according to the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. Some of the charitable objects and purposes in New Zealand are defined as those which tend to promote, advance or encourage education, science, literature, art, physical welfare, culture or recreation.

The Foundation works behind the scenes to support Chanel College with donated funds for specified projects. It played a very important role in supporting the fundraising for the Chanel College Gymnasium.

The trustees are:  Barry Gleeson, Geoff Palmer, John Hymers, Debi Marshall-Lobb the Principal and Nicola Murray, Chairperson, Chanel College Board of Trustees.

If you would like to make a donation to the Chanel College Education Foundation please fill out the form obtainable from the Chanel College office or