Music Lessons


Kia ora koutou! The secret is out! Music helps to develop left and right hand brain function which in turn helps resilience in learning in general. 

Joining the Itinerant Music Scheme is a great way of getting students involved in Music. The student only needs to find the music teacher, Mr Schulz, in room 19 at the start of the year, who will hand out a form to be signed by you, the parent or caregiver. Students are then given a get out of class slip to attend instrument lessons. 

Students are expected to catch up on class work they may have missed during their lesson time, be punctual to their lessons and give the instrument a serious go for the year in order to prove to themselves that they can be resilient learners. 

Students are encouraged to have their own instruments to practise on at home. If they wish to continue the following year, or move on to another instrument, then all they need to do is see Mr Schulz again. 

Students are also encouraged to help and support the school community by participating in group or solo performances when they have reached a skill level with confidence. Students can be involved in Liturgy Band, Rock Band, Jazz Band, the Wairarapa Community Orchestra and/or Kapa Haka. Or they can start their own band. All they need to do is have a korero/chat with Mr Schulz. 


Nga mihi

Mr Schulz