Education Initiatives

Bring your own Device (BYOD)

Chanel College has been snupped and is a wireless campus. We have not made a device compulsory for students yet but see this as being something that will become the norm in the near future. At present students can bring their phones or laptops from home and use them in class. We also provide 3 computers in every classroom to allow students access if they do not have a device of their own they can use. We are a Google school with many staff using this platform with their students in and beyond class.

Computers in Homes

Computers in Homes is a programme where Parents can complete a computer based training progamme and if they do they get a computer and a subsidised network connectiion to ensure that there is a computer in the home of every Chanel College family. If you think you would benefit from this programme please e mail me directly on

Literacy PLD

Our Year 7&8 teachers have a professional learning and development (PLD) programme running this year with the intended outcome being the raising of reading and writing achievement in National Standards to the government target of 85% being 'At" or "Above" by the end of 2017.


We have reviewed and are implementing a new model of completing appraisal. We have moved away from a compliance model to one of "Teacher Inquiry" which will lead to more meaningful  ongoing teacher development.

Curriculum Review

It is timely to review our school curriculum and in light of developments in Youth Guarantee, Vocational Pathways, Senior Qualifications and the work of the Wairarapa YETE. This provides the opportuinty to look and see if we are offering the best oportunities to students while at school and are we producing graduates who are meeting the needs of our local businesses and tertiary providers both wihtin the Wairarapa and beyond it. We have started this process and it will continue into 2017.