Digital Technologies Teacher Cluster meeting

Chanel College hosted the annual Wairarapa Digital Technologies Teacher Cluster meeting. The day long event gave the teachers an opportunity to review the units of work offered by the respective schools. In 2020 Digital Technologies will be compulsory for all Year 1-10 students and the cluster meeting provided a platform for teachers to explore the most suitable programs for each age group. Their was also discussion around the delivery of the new Digital Technologies Level 1-3 Assessments. Chanel College have already implemented some of these assessments which have included using drone footage and website development.  The event was made possible with support from Masterton Trust Lands Trust, Chanel College Librarian: Mrs Carolyn Hunt and Kia Takatu Digital Readiness.

Pictured: Desiree Pearse (Makoura College), Richard Swallow (Wairarapa College), Witarina Owens (Kuranui College), Giuseppe Cugliari (Chanel College), Carl Pester (Tararua College) and Anton Coltham (Solway College)