The Wool Shed

So why bring the Wool Shed to Chanel College?

Wool … natural, sustainable and renewable … is an eco-fibre fit for the future and yet it’s been around for 10,000 years.

Found today in a multitude of places, wool’s history weaves its way back in time, through the early days of New Zealand settlement, through an era of global discovery and exploration, into the Renaissance, the Dark Ages, and all the way back through Greek and Roman history to the time of cave men and women.

The process of growing wool – naturally, on the back of sheep – has stayed pretty much the same throughout those 10,000 years. But the complexity and versatility of wool’s unique fibres have led to an amazingly broad range of uses, from clothing and carpets to health and safety, without placing a burden on the planet.

Our students took the oportunity to explore the amazing Wool Shed which gave them an insight into how wool and the sheep industry is such an integral part of New Zealand. We also had students from St Mary's and St Patricks use this amazing facility.