Technology used innovatively in Social Studies classes

Technology used innovatively in Social Studies classes

As part of a recent Social Studies lesson Miss McKinlay (student teacher) used an app downloaded to students’ cell phones to generate an assessment with a difference.


The students had been studying the Romans as an ancient civilisation. To assess what the students had learnt during the term Miss McKinlay used Aurasma to create a Romans treasure hunt. The students were given the first clue verbally and then had to find the image that matched the clue.

The images were scattered all around the quad so the students had to be observant as well as using their memory. When they found the image they hovered their phone over the image and a text image appeared to give them information about the image, the next clue and also a letter to write down. A voice message was also played explaining the image.

If the students followed the clues in the correct order they ended up with a phrase in Latin - Hic Sunt Dracones. The students then had to translate the phrase to complete the assessment.

The speed the students completed the ‘test’ was used as an indicator to their understanding of the topic. The results were certainly enlightening but the enthusiasm that the students showed for the assessment activity was incredible. The feedback was also enlightening – ‘The good thing was that the activity requires us to use our brains. It was fun. It was like competing with one another which makes us work faster and actually think in order to finish.’


A very good use of technology in the classroom that was both innovative and educational.