Students visit Massey

On Tuesday 4th September a number of Year 9 & 10 students were given the chance to spend a day at Massey's Engineering Department which was organised by Dr Faraz Hasan and Mrs Pender. The first session was delivered by Associate Professor Gourab Sen Gupta and he spoke to the students about subject choices in Year 11-13. He stressed the importance of Calculus, Physics and Chemistry for students wanting to enter the engineering field. 
After the academic orientation, students went with Prof John Bronlund to explore 3D Massey developed software that is designed to interact with users as part of the energy drinks market. Students were also encouraged to use the 3D virtual reality goggles which simulated the 3D game so users could see how the parts of the energy drinks factory worked. The $7,000.00 goggles did not need any other interface and students could make selections by touching the space in front of them (see image).

The final workshop of the day was led by Prof Donald Bailey and focused on imaging systems. Donald spoke to the students about how one of the projects he led was on weighing and bundling asparagus. A farmer had a system which weighed and bundled 5 asparagus a second. This was too slow so Donald was asked if he could develop a machine to increase the number per second. The finished machine was able to weigh and bundle 15 asparagus a second. The weighing was achieved through image processing as no scale would be capable of weighing 15 asparagus a second. The image of each asparagus would be scanned and through algorithms the weight could me measured. 

All the students would like to thank Massey and Mrs Pender in taking the time to make the trip a career enhancing opportunity.