Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit is for students over the age of 15 years who want a challenge. Grants and Funding applications are available upon request.

The 10-Day Youth Development Voyage takes onboard 40 trainees (15-18 years), with an equal mix of females and males, all total strangers.  The value of teamwork becomes very apparent, as does resilience, teambuilding skills, co-operation, communication, confidence, tolerance, and leadership.

Activities vary according to location, the group mix and crucially, the weather. Usually there will be both land and water-based activities for teams and individuals. The voyage qualifies for Young New Zealanders Challenge (Duke of Edinburgh Award) Gold Residential Project.

Friendship, fun and laughter run high, as trainees complete the many features of the programme - tramping trips ashore, learning to sail the luggers, beach cleaning (supporting environmental education and sustainability), hoisting and setting the very large and heavy sails, climbing the ratlines to loosen or stow sails 30 metres above the deck, not forgetting the famous dawn swim.  The horseshoe-shaped Great Cabin at the stern hosts evening activities such as public speaking, presentations, debates, movies and games.

Skills learnt during the voyage prepare trainees for Trainee Day — the final day when they elect their own Captain and crew and are responsible for setting the sails and navigating the ship safely to her final anchorage within a given time frame.

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Interested students should see Miss Natalie Lane