Pathways/Star and Gateway

Pathways/STAR and Gateway


Students in Years 12-13 can choose to apply for one of the following courses: * STAR * GATEWAY * Correspondence School * Video Conference Courses * Employment Skills/Life Skills * U-Skills Central Schools Academy * PITA Primary Industry Trades Academy at Taratahi * WELTEC Trades Academy 

These courses allow students to gain credits that can be used towards the NCEA. In some cases students can gain National Certificates and / or Vocational Pathways Certificates on top of their NCEA results. All these courses are fully funded through various government initiatives. Students attending off site courses will have some or all of their travel (if further than the usual distance from home to school) reimbursed for the extra distance. The level of travel subsidies is different for each programme. Accommodation is only paid for if the student cannot get home each night and the course is run over several consecutive days. 

1. Students wishing to take any of the above courses as an Option Line need to choose PATHWAYS. There are different times on the timetable when these courses run. This may mean that the class has students from Years 12-13 in it. As students’ programmes are largely individual and self-paced, a certain level of maturity and independence will be required. 
2. Students who are selected for U-Skills, PITA, WELTEC and Gateway will not necessarily be given a Pathways class. This will be at the Transition Department staff’s discretion and students will be notified prior to subject confirmation if they will be required to select another subject.

STAR courses: Level 2 or 3 

There are two types of STAR courses available: 

1. Short STAR courses are available for ALL students in Years 11-13. They vary in length from 3 days to 10 days. Students will attend a Polytechnic one day per week for the length of the course. Some enable students to gain NCEA credits, some are just taster type courses to check out what is available in an area of study. Availability of these courses is dependent on the course gaining enough enrolments. 

2. Full year STAR courses are available in PATHWAYS classes. These courses are a mixture of practical and long distance studies with outside providers. Each student’s programme is drawn up individually. Gateway Courses: Level 2 or 3 These courses also can take a variety of forms – 1. Students can select PATHWAYS as an option line. The main way of learning is by achieving industry based standards in the work place. Students do this by working 1-2 days per week with a host employer. When in the class students use this line to catch up on work missed in other lines on the day(s) they are out and to complete theory industry units. 2. Some students find that the industry they want to try, works better if they attend consecutive days, for example one week per term or a week before the holidays joined onto the holiday period, to give better continuity without disrupting other studies too much. 3. Occasionally a student wishes to study an area where training is not available in a workplace in the Wairarapa and so the student uses the holidays to travel to another area to gain work experience. Each programme is developed for each student in consultation with the Training Organisation and the host employer. Please note that not all Gateway students will be accepted into a Pathways class. This will be at the discretion of the Transition Department staff and students will be notified prior to subject confirmation if they will be required to select another subject.

Correspondence School / Video Conference Courses

1. Students who may wish to study a language or other subjects at senior levels not offered by Chanel.
2. Senior students who wish to continue their NCEA studies in an area when the class numbers drop below those needed to form a class.

These courses require students to be strong, independent learners able to make use of support resources in the form of emailing / using phone help lines / using Blackboard, Moodle or online support programmes.

Employment Skills / Life Skills Courses

This course is available at Level 1 and Level 2 either as a class if there is enough demand or through the Correspondence School. Students work on a number of unit standards such as: * Safety in the workplace * Interview skills * Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) * Employment rights and responsibilities * Job search skills and more Students selecting this course need to choose PATHWAYS as an Option Line. U Skills – the Central Schools Trades Academy Usk.

Students wishing to apply for 2017 will require endorsement of their application by the Principal.