If class size important to you - our Intermediate classes (Yr 7&8) will have between 17-19 students in them in 2017

Year 7/8 Class sizes for 2017

In 2017 we are providing an extra Year 7/8 class which means our average class size will be between 17-19 students. This will ensure that the children receive the individual attention they need to attain personal excellence at this very important stage in their education. When you add this to our accelerated learning programme and the achievement of our current students in Year 7&8, where 85% are either at or above the National Standard, this will further enhance their opportunity to achieve.

The small class sizes also ensure that students have much easier access to e-learning technologies and teaching resources than is the case in larger classes. Other factors which advantage the intermediate age students are the quality of the teaching staff, the modern facilities, up to date resources and the wide variety of academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual opportunities that they have access to. Make sure your children enjoy these advantages and come and join our Chanel family.


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