History Level 1 

History is the story of men, women and children told from a variety of viewpoints and in a range of settings. Students taking History learn about their own country and explore other events in world history that have significance to New Zealand. You will be challenged to enter imaginatively into the past and engage with some important historical events. The skills taught at this level are research, presentation, interpreting sources, selecting evidence, report writing and using evidence to develop key concepts and historical ideas. This subject is valuable to students in many career paths. In this course you may study a selection of the following: * The Origins of World War Two * Black Civil Rights in the U.S.A. * Apartheid in South Africa * The 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand * Vietnam and the Conflict in Indochina 1945-1975 

History Level 2

This course aims to develop a deeper understanding of historical events and the effect these have had in and on New Zealand. History helps to develop skills of independent research, analysis, critical thinking, and resource interpretation focusing on reliability, bias, and strength of evidence. History is particularly valuable to those students considering university and choosing professional careers such as researchers, journalists, lawyers and in government to name but a few. However, the skills taught in this course are valuable in any tertiary study programme. In this course you may study a selection of the following: * The Cuban Missile Crisis * The French Revolution * The Suffragette Movement * Nuclear free New Zealand * The Growth of the New Zealand Identity * The Parihaka Incident 

History Level 3 & Scholarship 

This course aims to develop a deeper understanding of global historical events and their significance to New Zealand. You will gain an understanding of the people and forces which have shaped the modern world. At this level History will develop many valuable skills required for both further learning and career paths. These skills include: research based on sound process and reliable evidence; being able to write and present balanced arguments; the analysis and evaluation of historical documents and presentation skills. This course involves the study of a selection of topics from those outlined below: * Genocide in the Twentieth Century * War in the Waikato * Strategic Bombing during World War II * A History Mystery * The Crusades