Chanel rockets

The Year 7-8 Digital Technologies class developed some ideas which they had seen at the recently held Wings Over Wairarapa. The Year 7/8 students developed a number of rocket designs and processes with the aim of seeing which rocket reached the highest altitude. Students discovered how altering the different variables including the proportion of rocket fuel (vinegar and baking soda), degree of pressure in the release valve (cork screw),  and amount of ignition (shaking the ingredients) impacted the rockets altitude.

The cross curricular lessons also incorporated the making of the rocket legs which the students made in the workshop. Although in the real world we expect most rockets to land successfully, one student's rocket came very close to landing successfully - with the aid of his catching abilities quite possibly developed in the Physical Education lessons.

Rocket Car Southey Flyer

Better Than NASA

Sky Rocket

Waru-Paku Flyer