About us


At Chanel students receive a truly holistic education with a caring and dedicated staff who model life- long learning. A holistic education develops all aspects of being human: Intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual. The inclusion of the spiritual dimension is an essential part of our Special Character, which is summed up in our motto, “All Through Christ” and our values: Community, Honesty, Acceptance, Never Giving Up, Excellence and Love. 


“The school is a Roman Catholic school in which the whole school community, through the general school programme and in its religious instructions and observances, exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are as expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, as determined from time to time by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese.” A Catholic school assists the Church in its mission. It does this by helping its young people to become complete persons who possess the knowledge, faith and other attributes that make for harmonious living. All subjects are taught for their own value and with their own objectives. Catholics believe that truth in every sphere, religions or secular, is from God. The Religious Education Programme is an integral part of the curriculum. The principles, truths and ethics of that programme permeate whatever the school does. The focal point of the whole school is Christ. Students are taught that God is creator; that Jesus Christ is God-made-man; that their ultimate goal is heaven; that authority to teach and interpret God’s revelation was entrusted to the Church and is exercised by the Pope and Bishops. The school as a whole subscribes to the Apostles’ Creed which is the oldest of the formulas used by Christians to express their faith. It accepts the two-fold commandment of Christ, love of God and neighbour, and the other values expressed by Christ as norms of living.


The way in which science and technology are applied in our 21st century world is based on our values. The way knowledge is applied and the way we relate to each other and treat each other is based on our values. The question we need to ask ourselves is – Whose values? And to what level are they developed? Just as we develop and deepen our knowledge in school curriculum subjects, we also need to develop our understanding of spirituality and faith as we mature . When you send your child to Chanel College you know about the values you can expect your child to be taught. Chanel offers a holistic faith based education anchored in a Christian, Catholic community. 


Our teachers have proven ability and experience to accelerate learning across the different year levels. This is a particular advantage for students in Years 7 and 8 who also have access to specialist teachers in Science, technology, and the Arts (Visual Art, Drama and Music). 


Leadership opportunities are provided across the school from Year 7. Year13 students have access to two prestigious, intercollegiate leadership camps. The first is available to senior students in Catholic schools in the Wellington and Manawatu region and the second is available to students in Marist based schools across New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill. Picture of students at leadership camp. 


Smaller classes and access to specialist teachers help students to achieve personal excellence because your child has a much better chance of being known as an individual with a teacher who has and in depth knowledge of their learning needs. In a smaller class teachers have more opportunities for one on one contact with students during each lesson. 


Our biggest advantage is our size and the greater number of opportunities that are available to individual students as a result. Chanel students are challenged to embrace a wide range of cultural opportunities, to learn new things and to improve their level of personal excellence. In 2017 Logan Tubman Wallis wrote and directed the Chanel entry that won the national Fair Go Ad award and in 2018, once again his entry reached the top ten in the country. Over the last year we have enjoyed seeing students sharing their talents in our 2018 major production, “The Death on the Smug Juggler,” two productions in the Otago University Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, the prestigious O’Shea Shield Competition with competitions in Drama, Oratory, Impromptu Speaking, Junior Public Speaking, Religious Questions and Scripture Reading. Chanel students participate in intercollegiate competitions in debating, public speaking, music, singing, mathematics, technology and kapa haka. Regular performance opportunities are provided in music and drama assessment concerts and at daily karakia.


On 4 July 2019 we celebrate twenty-five years since our wharenui has been opened. During that time it has developed into one of the most beautiful school wharenui in New Zealand. The carvings were unveiled in 2000 and restored in 2018. Both Wairarapa iwi, Rangitane and Ngati Kahinginu are given respect and recognition in the beautiful carvings that adorn the front of the wharenui. Students are also able to enjoy tuku tuku panels and Kowhai whai panels. Chanel College offers Te Reo as a subject, togethetr with Maori Performing Arts and Kapa haka.


In our Gifted and Talented Programme students are selected for mentoring and development by outside tutors in intercollegiate workshops in mathematics, science, technology, debating and creative writing. In 2018 our Year 7 & 8 students had a special opportunity to attend a geology camp with scientists from GNS Science/Te Pu. Their work was exhibited at Aratoi at the end of the course. Through the work of our Specialist Teacher, Mrs Kirsten Berry, we are able to work one on one with students who need additional support to accelerate their learning so that they are ready for NCEA Level 1 at the end of Year 10. Homework Club is another Chanel tradition. Our NCEA students are offered additional support to ensure that their work reaches the standard required to succeed. All NCEA students are ready for NCEA Level 1 by the end of Year 10  


Sport is invaluable in teaching students about team work, developing new skills and growing self- esteem. Our magnificent new gymnasium includes a classroom, a weight training room and individual dent learning areas. Chanel students enjoy a wide range of sporting opportunities including basketball, touch rugby, hockey, swimming, cross country, volleyball, netball, football, canoe polo, badminton, cycling and enthusiastic house competitions. Sport photos of a variety of sporting codes 

In our wonderful new gymnasium students have access not only to one full basketball court, one netball court, one tennis court plus four volley ball courts and five badminton courts, but also a fully equipped weights room to try new sports and to build and develop their skills. We also have an outside turf for sports such as hockey and tennis and our new Fitness Centre is expected to be finished by the end of the year.