9GC went to Aratoi

On Friday 9 November, 9GC went to Aratoi to participate in their Education Programme. 
The Minkisi Exhibition is a dramatic presentation of masks and statues, delivering a message about cultures, traditions, histories and beliefs that are widely divergent from our own. Whaea Angela Minton and Pa Giuseppe and tamariki had the opportunity to learn, to admire and to think about the place of Africa in the world, and contrast it to Aotearoa's place in the world. 

The masks and statues in the collection are from Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso in the west, through Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon, to the Congo coast and basin. Minkisi is a word that refers generically to statues from the latter region. Often in human or animal form, they contain a spirit, working through ceremony and ritual for the good of an individual or clan. It is an evocative word that captures the nature of Central Africa and takes visitors on a visual and emotional journey.

9GC were taken through the Minkisi exhibit with Susie Shadbolt. Tamariki also learned about the purpose of the Minkisi for protection and healing, then discussed connections between our own traditions and toanga of Aotearoa and these objects and traditions of tribal Africa. 

Finally, the mask making activity! Tamariki created individual masks to take home.