Our Uniform

Chanel College students must wear our the correct Chanel College uniform. Our uniform is worn to honour our Catholic tradition and the memory of Past Pupils. The crest is a reminder of our founders, the Marist Brothers and the Brigidine Sisters. Our students should be proud to identify as belonging to the Chanel College whānau/community.

Chanel College has high expectations

  • All students are expected to be well groomed and presentable at all times.
  • All students are required to wear the appropriate school uniform at all times
  • Uniforms are to be clean and in good repair, non faded and not frayed.
  • School uniforms can be purchased from N.Z Uniforms, Chapel Street, Masterton.  http://chanelcollege.nzuniforms.com/




JUNIOR GIRLS (Years 7,8,9,10)

School blue short sleeved blouse and plain blue summer skirt. Maroon college jersey. Black robust leather sandals with back strap worn without socks OR black robust, polishable leather school shoes with plain white ankle length socks.

JUNIOR BOYS (Years 7,8,9,10)

Navy blue shorts, light blue short sleeved shirt, maroon college jersey, black robust     sandals with a back strap worn without socks or black robust leather  shoes worn with college socks

 SENIOR GIRLS (Years 11,12,13)

Plain navy blue summer skirt, light blue short-sleeved blouse, blue jersey,  college blazer, black robust  leather sandals with a back strap worn without socks OR black, robust, polishable leather school shoes with plain, short white ankle length socks.

SUMMER – SENIOR BOYS (Years 11,12,13)

Navy blue walkshorts, light blue short-sleeved shirt, college blazer and dark blue V necked college jersey. Black, robust leather, polishable, school shoes worn with college socks OR black, leather sandals with a back strap worn without socks.


JUNIOR GIRLS (Years 7,8,9,10)

College winter school checked regulation blue skirt, light blue long-sleeved or short-sleeved winter blouse, to be worn with school tie. college maroon jersey, college tie, black  tights, black, polishable, robust leather shoes, college scarf (optional).

NOTE : Year Ten girls who have outgrown the College dress may change to senior uniform in Term Four.

JUNIOR BOYS (Years 7,8,9,10)

Navy blue shorts or navy long trousers, light blue long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, to be worn with college tie, college maroon jersey, college socks, black robust leather shoes,  college scarf (optional).

NOTE:  Year Ten boys who have outgrown their junior shorts may change to senior walk shorts in Term Four. Black polishable leather school shoes to be worn with school socks or black dress socks if wearing trousers.

SENIOR GIRLS (Years 11,12,13)

College grey checked winter regulation skirt, light blue long-sleeve or short-sleeved over to be worn with the college tie, college blazer and school V necked blue jersey,black polishable robust leather shoes, to be worn with plain black tights, college scarf (optional). Shoes must be black polishable leather, not suede or canvas, and lace up or strapped at the front.

SENIOR BOYS (Years 11,12,13)

School grey trousers, light blue long or short-sleeved shirt, to be worn with the school blue tie. Year 13 only wear the senior grey tie. School navy V neck jersey, college socks or black dress socks, Year 13 only wear the senior grey tie, college blazer, black robust leather shoes, College scarf  (optional)


The Chanel College blazer is compulsory for Year 11-13 students. It must be worn to and from school, at assemblies and all other formal occasions. In the height of summer it is acceptable to have it neatly folded over your arm. It always takes precedence over the jersey.


The only jackets permitted for new students will be the school jacket (available from NZ Uniforms). This jacket can be worn to and from school.

Physical Education

  • Chanel navy blue  t-shirt
  • Chanel  navy blue shorts
  • Chanel College white ankle socks (school issue, you will be invoiced for these)
  • Sneakers/Track shoes

Optional: School navy blue jacket or the Chanel College anorak navy blue jacket, Chanel College scarf, Chanel College navy blue track pants, school’s navy blue baseball cap, School P.E singlet.

NB    All students who do P.E MUST wear runners / sneakers. This is part of their regulation uniform. This is also a safety issue to avoid casualties due to bare feet.