Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

All Year 7 to 13 students may bring a suitable device (chromebook, laptop or tablet)  to access during classes provided it meets our school’s safety specifications; each BYOD has to be registered then checked/passed by our IT Administrator.

Note:  All students enrolled at Chanel College will be required to accept the Conditions of Use of Chanel College’s Network before accessing the internet. Access to the internet at Chanel College can be restricted or revoked at any time. 



For those wanting to Bring Your Own Device for use in academic lessons:

  • You must register your device each year and within the first week, with your Dean.
  • The device will have to be assessed by our IT Administrator for it’s suitability at Chanel College
  • The device registration will include the Hapara highlight extension, we recommend that you read about this as accepting this is a condition of approval to use your BYOD at Chanel College (
  • A sticker will be placed on approved BYODs and must remain visible for teacher checks
  • Responsible use is expected of all BYODs, and it is at the discretion of the classroom teacher or Dean as to whether use of the device is permitted in that subject and/or lesson. 
  • Specific details and advice regarding suitable devices can be found on the school website. 
  • Students are required to read and comply with the Chanel College Student ICT Network Policy Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before accessing the internet and online resources. 
  • During lessons, students may be permitted to use earphones attached to devices if appropriate, only at the discretion of the teacher. 
  • Students are not permitted to wear/use head/earphones during breaks so that social engagement between our school community members is maintained and nurtured. 
  • Inappropriate use of head/earphones will result in their confiscation. 
  • At all times students are at school or in school uniform, students should be aware of the special dangers posed by interactive websites and social networking services and may not use such services without the express permission of a supervising teacher to: 
  • Publish personal details of themselves, teachers or other students 
  • Publish images or videos of any school activity 
  • Identify themselves as members of Chanel College 
  • Engage in any form of harassment or bullying