Smoke-free Rock-quest

Life is a journey…

Life is not about winning…

Life is about taking part in a community,

Giving it your best and

Never giving up in giving it your best!

For the video of the event click here


What I am referring to is the annual Smoke-free Rock-quest held at the Carterton Events Centre last Saturday night. Student bands and their whanau from all colleges in the Wairarapa performed. There were bands with a Pacifica twist, some bands were Reggae influenced, others were totally different by performing with a computer backing…


However, for me, the band that stood out was our very own “All But One”. With their light rock and gentle undulating melodies and rhythms they seemed to be influenced by “Queen” and “Pink Floyd”. It is not that I am biased, not at all, as there were some awesome bands performing that evening. However, “All But One” performed under difficult circumstances, gave it all they had and never gave up despite their lead singer pulling out a month earlier. Also, seeing the supporters there from our own Chanel College community was definitely a bonus.


Like in a classroom of students, the level of knowledge and understanding varies. It is exactly like that with band members. Not only are they performing on different instruments but each band member has also a different approach to music and their skill level varies hugely. So, how does one put together two songs for a prestigious competition like the Smoke-free Rock-Quest under such circumstances? The short answer is by never giving up, with perseverance, tolerance and understanding…not being scared of making mistakes, because we learn from our mistakes, and by having resilience and grit!


It was an honor being part of this event. I was very proud to see four young musicians presenting our school values with such intensity and love. Well done, “All But One”! We are looking forward to more great music in the near and not so distant future, such as our next Music Assessment Concert on the 8th of August.


“All But One” performers were: Alex Blenkin (Vocals and Guitar), Luke Cashen (Guitar), Jesse Notten (Drums) and Nicki Thomson Schulz (Bass)


Incidentally the name “All But One” refers to all band members being seniors and one being a junior. Very cool! Kaha nui, akonga!


Pa Stephan